Ipsos Webinar | Don’t overlook Seniors - “Silver” is as good as gold

Ipsos Webinar | Don’t overlook Seniors - “Silver” is as good as goldJoin Ipsos exclusive Webinar to learn more about this generation and to:

Gain demographic insights (What): Learn about the growing prominence of the elderly population and the macroeconomic implications.

Understand seniors better (So What): Absorb insights collected through Ipsos' global surveys which include attitudes, beliefs, values and behavioural trends.

Discuss how to leverage these insights (Now what) and effectively tap into the rising 'silver economy'

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Here you find the webinar recording:

Speakers :

  • Hana Baronijan

    Hana Baronijan, Head of Public Affairs, Ipsos in Switzerland

  • Mathieu Doiret

    Mathieu Doiret, Director, Ipsos global Knowledge Centre

  • Jean-Pierre Berst

    Jean-Pierre Berst, Chief Client Officer Switzerland