[WEBINAR] The Path Forward: Understanding Emerging Consumer Behaviours

Join Ipsos for our next Covid-19 The Path Forward complimentary webinar featuring a wide-range of insights to help inform your business recovery strategies – today we focus on techniques to better understand consumer behaviours as we emerge from isolation.

Covid-19 and the impact it is having on society and business in Canada is evolving rapidly. We are facing new shocks and bit-by-bit forging what will be the "new normal."  Every day, we at Ipsos are talking to Canadians about how they're feeling now and their expectations for tomorrow.  Understandably, some Canadians are financially concerned, reducing spending and delaying larger purchases. And while commerce is still happening, behaviours are changing with respect to channel use, category buying, and consumption. This has been a time of experimentation with new routines, new brands, and new retailers, including online options. While some of these behaviours are temporary responses to the current situation, others may become more entrenched and might not “change back,” at least for a long while.

During this session, we will share findings from a number of recent studies, identifying key shifts in consumer behaviour as a result of Covid-19, and attempt to predict which behaviours will be most "sticky" in the future. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear:  

  • Key changes in category shopping behaviours and channel use
  • Consumer attitudes towards the pandemic and personal outlook 
  • Financial impact of Covid-19 measures on Canadian families and impact on shopping
  • Predictions of future behaviours based on what we know today

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Speakers :

  • Steve Levy, Chief Operating Officer, Canada

  • Naumi Haque, Senior Vice President, MSU