The power of social intelligence and survey data to drive brand growth

We all recognize that importance of social is great, the question is, how do we exploit this rich source of data to its full potential and derive the right insights that will drive growth for our clients’ brands?


This has spurred the launch of our new solution - Brand Signals by Ipsos - that integrates social intelligence with your brand health tracking data and key performance indicators (KPIs) to help better understand how the brand is experienced and perceived by people.

The video below outlines how Ipsos' Brand Signals combines your brand health tracking survey metrics with our industry-leading, AI-empowered, social media intelligence platform by Synthesio, to reveal the shared brand experiences people have in the MOMENT, as well as the MEMORIES people hold of your brand.

We unearth the voice of the consumer in real time as people express their views online. Thousands of posts from thousands of users give access to different brand interactions and scenarios, so that brands can make the most of the moments that matter. By linking these insights with Brand Health Tracking survey results, our clients can:

  • avoid blind spots by capturing areas not covered by the survey
  • receive early alerts around their brand performance
  • get notified if competitors are gaining pace
  • get richer context and enhanced insight to power brand growth

To illustrate the insights from Brand Signals, please read our real case studies measuring a campaign activations’ brand impact, product launch perceptions, quantifying brand penetration, and identifying competitive threats:

Brand Signals gives holistic understanding of your brand performance and the confidence to move fast. It is now available in Canada, Mexico, USA, UK, France, Germany, Russia, Switzerland, China, Turkey, India and Australia and will continue to expand geographically in the coming months.

If you missed our recent informational webinar, contact us to gain access to it.

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