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  • Steve Levy Ipsos Canada
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When the pandemic tossed millions of people from their offices last year, many companies relied on Microsoft to help figure out how to work from home.

Microsoft Teams, the company’s business communications app, reportedly now has 145-million daily active users, up from just 32 million at the start of the pandemic. It was the key tool Lisa Gibson and her team recommended to help their clients work and learn remotely.

Gibson, who is business manager and head of communications for Microsoft Canada, says customers all have their own unique needs, and it is her company’s job to understand what will work best for each. The ability to act upon consumer feedback is part of what has made Microsoft into a trailblazer, Gibson says.

“It’s not about coming into a conversation with the customer, thinking you know all the answers,” she says. “It’s really trying to learn from them about what they need.”

Indeed, Microsoft has made myriad upgrades to Teams as its popularity has skyrocketed, including features to celebrate colleagues’ accomplishments and a virtual “commute” that offers uninterrupted time at the start and end of the day. This constant iteration is part of what landed Microsoft in the second spot on Report on Business’s inaugural ranking of the best business-to-business brands in Canada, just behind Shopify. Among the 406 Canadian executives (68% of them at the vice-president level or above) surveyed by market research firm Ipsos in partnership with The Globe and Mail, Microsoft received the highest marks for being trusted more than other companies in its sector. It was also ahead of many competitors in leading a digital transformation, offering unique tools and technology.

Overall, the ranking covered 74 companies in seven different sectors to define what B2B excellence looks like today. Visit Report on Business profiling Canada’s Top 25 B2B brands.

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The author(s)

  • Steve Levy Ipsos Canada

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