Ipsos Honoured at 2017 MRIA Research Awards Gala

Canadian Research Industry Honours Ipsos with Three Awards in Research Excellence

Ipsos Honoured at 2017 MRIA Research Awards Gala

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  • Elen Alexov Marketing Operations Director, North America, Ipsos
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Toronto, ON – Collaboration and insightful research, the two components needed to make great things happen and the best way to describe Ipsos’ partnerships. Ipsos has been privileged to work with exceptional clients on inspiring programs, and a select number of these have been recognized with Excellence in Research Awards from the Marketing Research and Intelligence Association (MRIA).

Ipsos Connect, Ipsos UU, CIBC, RealEyes, element54, NorthStart, Vision Critical and IMI SponsorPulse were awarded the Pinnacle Award for Outstanding Research, which recognized the work put into CIBC’s “Run for the Cure.” The Pinnacle Award recognizes an exemplary research project that serves as a shining example to research providers and clients. Chris MacDougall, Director, Ipsos Connect, Nicole Winter, Senior Account Manager, Ipsos Connect and Christian Arambulo, Vice President, Ipsos UU, share this distinction with CIBC and the other partners. This is the second consecutive year that Ipsos Connect has earned the Pinnacle Award for Outstanding Research.

In addition, Ipsos Connect, CIBC and their partner organizations were further honoured with the Award for Best Integration of Research Tools and Techniques. The MRIA awards this distinction for a research project that demonstrates successful integration of a number of market research tools and techniques, and/or integration of research information with other information sources. 

Continuing Ipsos’ winning streak, the Award for Best Multi-Stakeholder Research Initiative was bestowed upon Ipsos Connect, Ipsos UU, Forester’s Financial and Edelman Canada. This award is given in recognition of a research initiative that involves three or more stakeholders, and where those stakeholders collaborate in a synergistic way to all enhance the outcome of the initiative. Receiving the award for Ipsos Connect were Ted Doering, VP; Judy Jacklin, Project Manager; Kristen Garcia, Senior Account Manager; Heath Flint, Project Manager; Rebecca Merchant, Project Manager; and Rick Randall, Manager. Award recipients from Ipsos UU Canada were Brad Griffin, SVP, Head of Qualitative Canada, and Serra Shular, Vice President, Ipsos UU.  

“We’re honoured to have our efforts recognized by the MRIA and proud of the dedication put in by our teams” said Rob Myers, President and CEO for Ipsos in Canada. “These awards show that we’re committed to our partners, and inspired to provide excellent research. We’re proud of our clients, and proud to be involved in such inspiring projects.”

The MRIA’s Excellence in Research Awards recognize excellence in marketing research and intelligence, communications and advertising research, public opinion research, competitive intelligence and data mining. The awards were presented on Thursday, June 1, at a gala event held as part of the 2017 MRIA Annual Conference. Ipsos in Canada was a Pinnacle Sponsor for the conference, which took place from June 1 – 2.

The Marketing Research and Intelligence Association (MRIA) is a Canadian not-for-profit association representing all aspects of the market intelligence and survey research industry, including social research, competitive intelligence, data mining, insight, and knowledge management. Members include over 2,000 practitioners, small to large research houses, and the many buyers of research services, such as financial institutions, major retailers, insurance companies and manufacturers. The industry accounts for almost three quarters of a billion dollars in market research activities annually.

For more information on the MRIA, its annual conference and the 2017 Excellence in Research Awards, visit www.mria-arim.ca.

About Ipsos

Ipsos is an independent market research company controlled and managed by research professionals. Founded in France in 1975, Ipsos has grown into a worldwide research group with a strong presence in all key markets. Ipsos ranks fourth in the global research industry.

With offices in 88 countries, Ipsos delivers insightful expertise across five research specializations: brand, advertising and media; customer loyalty; marketing; public affairs research; and survey management.

Ipsos researchers assess market potential and interpret market trends. They develop and build brands. They help clients build long-term relationships with their customers. They test advertising and study audience responses to various media and they measure public opinion around the globe.

Ipsos has been listed on the Paris Stock Exchange since 1999 and generated global revenues of €1,782.7 million in 2016.

The author(s)

  • Elen Alexov Marketing Operations Director, North America, Ipsos