Ipsos Reveals BC’s Most Loved Brands

London Drugs, Save-on-Foods and YVR top this year’s list

Ipsos Reveals BC’s Most Loved Brands

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  • Elen Alexov Marketing Operations Director, North America, Ipsos
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Vancouver, BC — It is something every company strives for, but it is difficult to create. It is Brand Love. How much people love a brand is difficult to determine. However, each year, Ipsos teams with BCBusiness to uncover which brands British Columbians love. And, the results are in:

BC’s Top 5 Most Loved Brands for 2018

  1. London Drugs
  2. Save-on-Foods
  3. YVR
  4. A&W
  5. White Spot

London Drugs tops the list for the second year in a row. Ipsos’ Executive Vice President in Western Canada, Michael Rodenburgh, explains why the retail chain elicits such a positive reaction from the public.

“Trust is one of the biggest drivers of Brand Love, and people in BC feel like they can trust London Drugs. Because of its vast selection of items, people will visit the store frequently, which helps build trust. And, because many people use their pharmacy and photo developing services, they are trusting London Drugs with their well-being and personal memories, which also strengthens the relationship.”

A brand people should take notice of in the Top 5 is A&W. Rodenburgh says the fast-food giant has done something many companies struggle to do, they read the needs of their customers and successfully executed an effective marketing strategy through mainstream and social media.

“A&W tapped into the larger healthier eating trend. Despite being fast-food, they engaged consumers in conversations around better ingredients by offering hormone and steroid free products. This clever switch in positioning allowed A&W to differentiate themselves from their competitors, and to increase their resonance with consumers.”

Although companies like London Drugs and Save-on-Foods are used to being at the top of BC’s Most Loved Brands list, there are some companies who are growing in our hearts and quickly moving up the rankings. TransLink had the biggest increase from last year, shooting up 23% to take 24th spot. And despite the chatter that people are moving away from traditional media sources, The Province is well loved in BC. The newspaper sits in the 23rd spot, thanks to a 13% increase.

“Because of what is going on in politics around the world and the continuing growth of social media, traditional media has come under fire as to its accuracy and relevance in today’s world. This makes The Province’s 13% Brand Love growth, at this time, impressive. It shows there is strong and trusted relationship between readers and the paper.”

There are also brands British Columbians are losing love for. Kit and Ace experienced the biggest slip, with a 32% drop, followed by ICBC and Flight Centre.

About the Study

The Most Loved Brands study was conducted by Ipsos between February 7 and February 15, 2018. A total of 1,301 interviews were conducted using an online survey. Respondents were asked to rate 65 brands across a wide variety of dimensions. Brand Love is a proprietary composite metric based on several questions and is used by Ipsos to determine the extent to which a brand resonates with consumers at both an emotional as well as functional level. All Brand Love scores for all brands are standardized against each other, with the average BC-based brand receiving a brand love score of 100.

The Most Loved Brands study ranked 65 BC-based brands using a measurement approach inspired by Ipsos’ Brand Value Creator model. This model scores each brand based on respondent ratings for Relevance and Brand Closeness. The study also examined eight key dimensions linked to how we interact with and actually love brands, including: Contribution to BC, Engagement, Innovation, Presence, Relevance, Social Responsibility, Trust and Uniqueness.

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The author(s)

  • Elen Alexov Marketing Operations Director, North America, Ipsos

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