[WEBINAR] The Culinary Kaleidoscope: VANTAGE 2024

While we are emerging from a post 'pandem-flation' environment more slowly than many of us would prefer, we cannot ignore the significant changes and evolution in the foodservice landscape over the past five years. Now is the optimal time to assess some of the key trends emerging in this new environment. Join us for our annual update of the foodservice sector where we will explore "The Culinary Kaleidoscope”.

Hear more about the unique influence of Canada's diverse multicultural population on the industry, as well as a comparative study of chain restaurants and independent stores. We will also examine the significant role technology plays in reshaping the foodservice landscape and the implications of environmental, social, and governance factors. By the end of the session, listeners will have a better understanding of the Canadian foodservice industry, its trends, challenges, and opportunities, ultimately enabling informed and strategic decision-making.

Join us on May 2nd as Ipsos’ Asad Amin will share insights from our 9th edition of the Vantage Foodservice outlook report. Let's embark on this gastronomic journey together!

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Speakers :

  • Asad Amin

    Asad Amin, SVP, Head of Syndicated Solutions