Introducing Channel Performance Benchmark, Ipsos’ global Mystery Shopping KPI benchmark

How do your physical, digital, and contact centre channels stack up against the competition? How is your customer service performing?

Ipsos | Channel Performance KPI Benchmark

Ipsos is delighted to announce the launch of its industry-leading Channel Performance Benchmark, a global Mystery Shopping KPI database of customer service performance data, across physical, digital, and contact centre channels.

Updated quarterly since its inception in early 2022, the Channel Performance Benchmark comprises over 1.6 million data points. This comprehensive KPI database encompasses:

  • 24 countries
  • 9 major industries, including multiple sub-sectors within those
  • Channels, covering:
    - Physical locations: Overall satisfaction, employee interaction, employee friendliness, payment experience
    - Digital: Overall satisfaction, ease of navigation, payment options, delivery options
    - Contact centre: Overall satisfaction, time to get through, agent knowledge, agent friendliness, resolution.

Ipsos is the largest Mystery Shopping agency in the world. Leveraging our global reach and industry expertise, we have built this powerful benchmark of Mystery Shopping KPI data, to enable you to better understand how your channels are performing in terms of customer service; to quickly determine how to be better than your competition, and set meaningful KPI targets.

  • Need to know how your channel performance stacks up in your sector/market – or versus best practice elsewhere?
  • Want some context to inform your target setting decisions?
  • How do you compare to others as they struggle or succeed, in challenging market conditions?
  • How are you performing in those areas that really matter to your customers, and business success?

To find out more, and to discuss how Ipsos’ Channel Performance Benchmark can help you and your organisation, get in touch with your local Ipsos Channel Performance contact, or one of Ipsos’ global experts.

All data used is in line with the terms and conditions agreed between Ipsos and its clients, and all figures are aggregated (i.e. no individual client data is accessible without being aggregated with other scores and no data is identifiable).

Ipsos – meeting your channel performance business needs

Mystery Shopping is just one component of our comprehensive Channel Performance offering, along with Channel Sizing, Shopper Insights, Virtual Testing, and Execution Measurement – helping you to:

  • Understand channel context and opportunities, shopping behaviours and attitudes
  • Measure purchase and service experience, activation and touchpoint execution

in order to drive sales conversion across your channels.

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