[Recording] KEYS - The year in review

Ipsos | Keys webinar | The year in review

This was a year which saw people around the globe grappling with a complex array of challenges, all at the same time. Its defining moments include lingering uncertainties around Covid-19, the return of war to Europe, the ever-clearer realities of climate change and an unfolding cost of living crisis.

It’s no surprise that 2022 has seen new words like permacrisis and polycrisis emerge to describe the unfolding situations.

Join us as we consider what we’ve learned from the experience of the last twelve months and discuss how we can stay prepared and resilient during the period ahead.


On the agenda:

A new World Disorder?

We explore the key themes from our new 50-country Ipsos Global Trends survey. Using a Latin American lens to put the findings in context, we consider how values are shifting in today’s uncertain circumstances..

Inflation: Old Story/New Story

Turkey is no stranger to inflation, but the last couple of years have been something else. We’ve been assessing the lessons we can all learn as the country’s economy - and its people - adapt to the often-exhausting new realities.

The Road Ahead

Today’s cities increasingly look like showrooms for all manner of micromobility solutions, ranging from e-scooters to bike-sharing services. And out on the road, the internal combustion engine is slowly starting to give way to its battery-powered successors. When it comes to the future of mobility, what should we expect next, and what will it all mean for our daily lives?


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