[Webinar] KEYS - The year ahead

We like to start a new year with a sense of reflection and optimism. Acknowledging our current challenges, but grounding them in the lessons we’ve learned along the way, and in the strategies we’ve put in place for the future.

But events of the last few years – coming together in today’s polycrisis environment – are making many of us feel more uncertain about the period ahead. Perhaps that’s no bad thing. Few governments or businesses can say they were fully prepared for the shock of the war in Ukraine or indeed the magnitude of the cost-of-living crises the world is experiencing.

Please join us for our first episode of 2023, where we will be sharing some new ideas and perspectives to help us all be better prepared for whatever lies ahead.

On the agenda:

Risk and Resilience

How can we do better in anticipating changes and disruptions? And how to people respond to shocks when they do happen? Our review includes on-the-ground updates as experienced by people in Ukraine.

Reputation Matters

Our new Global Trustworthiness Monitor finds ratings to be on a slow but steady rise for nearly all the sectors and industries we’ve been monitoring.

Welcome to the Metaverse

We take a step back from the business buzzwords to ask ourselves a few questions: just what is the metaverse right now, what will it become and how can we all be a part of it?


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