Ipsos Update

Ipsos Update - January 2019

The first Ipsos Update of 2019 highlights recent reports on people’s (mis)perceptions of reality, global security and food. It also features new white papers on trust in media, human curation in an AI world and how technology is disrupting the customer experience.

Ipsos Update - December 2018

December’s edition features global reports on local infrastructure, entrepreneurialism and connected health as well as new papers on AI and corporate reputation, communication strategies and Black Friday. And to mark the end of the year, we highlight the key Ipsos polls, reports and white papers of…

Ipsos Update - October 2018

Welcome to Ipsos Update – our monthly selection of research and thinking from Ipsos teams around the world. October’s edition features new papers on agile research, surviving disruption, and creating strong branded memories in ads, as well as reports on Kenya, populism, and young people globally.

Last Impressions Also Count

How to evoke an emotional response to leave strong branded memories. While we all know the importance of first impressions, this report highlights the significance of a good last impression.

How Mystery Shopping Drives Better Automotive CX Performance

Changing Gear - What should an automotive mystery shopping programme focus on? What do car manufacturers and dealers want from a mystery shopping programme?

Ethnography: an Unfiltered View of Reality

Ethnography is a research method made for investigating cultural practices, rituals, consumer behaviour, routines and social norms. It helps our clients identify previously unseen opportunities through looking at people’s worlds in a new way, through putting behaviour at the heart of our…

The Economic Pulse of the World - May 2018

The average global economic assessment of national economies surveyed in 28 countries is remains unchanged this wave with 47% of global citizens rating their national economies as ‘good’.

Ipsos Update - June 2018

Welcome to Ipsos Update – our monthly selection of research and thinking from Ipsos teams around the world. June’s edition features new papers on shopper behaviour and the value of reputation, as well as global surveys on socialism, summer holiday plans and the Royal Family.

What Worries the World in 2017?

Every month across the year, our What Worries the World survey series has asked an online sample of over 18,000 citizens in 26 core countries about the biggest worries for their nation, presenting them with a list of 17 concerns ranging from crime and violence to childhood obesity.

The Evolution of Shopper Behaviour

Brands need to connect with shoppers in the moments that matter most.