A Way To Get Away

Taking vacation is a way to get away for a few days from the fast-paced modern world. But do we take all vacation days available to us? Do we fully disconnect when we are away? A new Ipsos Global @dvisor poll reveals opinions of citizens in 25 countries around the world about taking time off.

A Way To Get Away

Time away from home

Six in ten (61%) respondents in 25 countries around the world agree that this year they have spent or will spend at least one full week away from their home on vacation. The three countries where the most people take vacation away from home  are India (80%), Great Britain (72%) and China (70%). The only three countries where majority of respondents are not taking time of away from home  are Hungary (47%), South Korea (42%) and Japan (24%).

Use them or lose them 

Majority (65%) of respondents around the world agree that they use up all vacation time they are given. This number has declined over the past decade, most notably in China (39%, -46 pts.), Japan (35%, -26 pts.), Italy (60%, -11 pts.) and Australia (46%, -10 pts.). 

Put that phone away 

Under half (46%) of respondents say they never check for work messages or emails when they go on vacation. Since 2009 the number of those who check work messages increased across almost all countries surveyed, especially in Italy (41%, +38 pts.), Japan (31%, +25 pts.), Spain (42%, +11 pts.) and Belgium (53%, +11 pts.). Only in Mexico (45%, -4 pts.) and Brazil (42%, -1 pt.) the number of those who check their work messages on vacation has decreased. 

The survey instrument is conducted monthly in 25 countries around the world via the Ipsos Online Panel system.

For the results of the survey presented herein, an international sample of 17,900 adults aged 18-64 in the US and Canada, and age 16-64 in all other countries, were interviewed between June 23rd and July 7th. 

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