Spotlight*KSA: Views on Gender Equality

Views on gender equality in Saudi Arabia.

In this report of the Spotlight*KSA series, we address the topic of gender equality in the Kingdom. The report reveals that 80% of people are optimistic and believe that equality between men and women will be achieved in their lifetime. Although the majority (73%) agree that men are expected to do too much to support equality, 7 in 10 still acknowledge the importance of men taking action to help women achieve equality.

In terms of actual actions taken, 27% have had conversations about gender equality with their family and friends, while 1 in 5 had addressed instances of gender discrimination in the workplace with their employers.

When it comes to the barriers hindering the promotion of gender equality, 18% expressed uncertainty about how to discuss or advocate for gender equality, while 17% consider it to be irrelevant to their lives.