[Webinar] A Disrupted Year in Perspective

A Disrupted Year in Perspective Ipsos Webinar Image

Since February of 2020, Ipsos has tracked social change to understand the impact of the pandemic on citizens and consumers around the world. COVID-19, to say the least, was a huge disruption to life but people all around the world, have begun to find their new normal routines. Though a lot has changed, some aspects still remain unchanged.

In this session, we will look at what has changed across countries globally with a special focus on South East Asian markets. We will draw on these exclusive Ipsos survey data and analysis not available anywhere else

•    Ipsos South East Asia COVID Impact study (6 countries)
•    Ipsos Global Trends (33 countries), and
•    Ipsos Vaccination Perception Study (15 countries)

Presented by: Prasad Shinde (Senior Client Officer, Ipsos in Singapore)


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