[Webinar 10/9/20] Signals #10; Forstå korona-krisen

Webinar Signals 10

Our focus is on bringing together new perspectives, based on real-life experiences and insights grounded in research. Each episode will explore a specific topic or theme in detail.

For our first session in the series we will be looking at the lessons we can take (so far) from the coronavirus crisis. After so many months, governments, businesses and consumers are still struggling to make the right decisions in an unpredictable and ever-changing environment.
On the agenda:
•    Adaptations & Anxieties: with our daily routines still adapting to the ongoing threat of the virus, we will share our latest analysis of public opinion around the world and look at how it is shaping behaviours 
•    The Role of Culture in a Global Crisis: recent experiences have underlined the importance of staying close to cultural drivers and local nuances. We will be hearing how deep understanding of identities and values underpins good decision-making
•    Affordable Indulgencies: we’ve been revisiting the question of how to grow premium brands during a recession. Our analysis finds that a little happiness can go a long way… 
•    Re-packaging Covid: the crisis involves balancing competing tensions: the new impetus on hygiene, the ongoing importance of sustainability and the need to deliver value in recessionary times. How to be clean, green and affordable?


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  • Jennifer Hubber - Chief Client Officer, Head of Ipsos Global Client Organisation
  • Simon Atkinson - Chief Knowledge Officer, Ipsos
  • Radhecka Roy - Global Service Leader, Strategic Curation, Ipsos
  • Colin Ho - Chief Research Officer, Innovation and Market Strategy & Understanding, Ipsos
  • Ian Payne - Global Service Leader, Pack Testing, Ipsos