Signals #4: Förstå coronakrisen

I den fjärde upplagan samlar vi vår senaste forskning om coronaviruset som grundar sig i undersökningar, analyser av sociala medier och sammanställningar från våra teams runt om i världen.

Since our first edition of Signals was published over a month ago the coronavirus outbreak has continued to spread rapidly across the world, and we have seen unprecedented government measures to mitigate the economic fallout.

There are now over 2.6 million confirmed cases of coronavirus globally, and much of the world has been placed under some form of lockdown.

In our fourth edition of Signals, we have sought to highlight our key learnings so far and begun to identify how attitudes and behaviours around the world may be changing.

You can download previous editions of Signals from the dedicated Ipsos COVID-19 web page.

This edition features: