Shaping 2025 and Beyond

Shaping 2025 and Beyond is a new report which describes plausible, thought-provoking scenarios of what the next five years may bring, helping governments, businesses and societies strategize.

As they look out over the beginning of 2021, decision-makers around the globe are thinking pragmatically about what to do next. Where should resources be invested? Which of the many recent disruptions will lead to continued change, and which changes will fade away?

Ipsos’ Shaping 2025 and Beyond identifies and examines the next challenges facing the world. It gives businesses, governments and societies a lens to look at the future, so that they can take action now on their strategies for the next five years.

Shaping 2025 and Beyond


The report sets out the longer-term certainties; the trends we were already seeing, which will continue for the next four or five years, and beyond. It then maps the most significant global uncertainties. Next, Ipsos Futures experts combine the two to tell a simple story – our core vision for 2025, the most likely pathway we see the world taking. We explain what we should monitor over the next few years to explore how far this vision is coming to reality.

Additionally, we describe three alternative trajectories for the future. These are plausible, thought-provoking scenarios of 2025 that might currently seem less likely, but should stimulate thought and discussion for the decision-makers planning now.

At Ipsos, we believe that applying the long lens of foresight leads to better decision-making today. Futures experts from our Strategy 3 advisory team can design the key indicators of change and monitor their development, as well as offering advisory services to inspire constructive discussion upstream of key issues, helping you set your direction and course-correct when it matters.

The full report and a summary are available to download free of charge now.

For more information about this report, or how we can help you examine the future of your organisation, please contact your usual Ipsos country contact, or the author of this report, [email protected] – Head of Futures, Ipsos in the UK.