Preparing for the future of the operating room: Robotics

Imagine a future where surgical robots have become small and affordable enough to be found even in non-specialized hospitals and outpatient clinics outside of a major metropolis...

Preparing for the future of the OR: Robotics | Ipsos

Imagine a time when these robots can be put onto “auto-drive” mode to complete certain parts of an operation faster and more accurately than humans…

Imagine a world where a specialist can conduct operations in several cities and in multiple countries – all in a day’s work and from one centralized location…

Operating rooms (ORs) are one of the most critical areas and highest cost centers of a hospital, in some cases making up over 40% of total expenses. This makes them a prime target for innovation to improve efficiency and precision. The past decade has seen a significant shift in the use of sophisticated and automated technology in the OR, including high-resolution displays and surgical cameras, speech recognition software, apps such as “Touch Surgery,” augmented & virtual reality and other “smart hospital” technology.

Let us help you prepare for the future of robotics in the operating room.

Ipsos’ Medical Devices & Diagnostics team conducted recent research in this area, including KOL interviews with 10 leading robotic surgeons around the globe, as well as collected quantitative data from 243 surgeons across USA and Europe, together with SERMO. We have assessed their take on what has worked well, where improvements are needed and what the future will hold for robotic surgery.

Read our white paper to gain an understanding of the impact that robotics has had on OR design, as well as surgical practice and outcomes. Absorb highlights from our expert interviews and:

  • Explore drivers & barriers to adoption
  • Look at the future and the possibilities
  • Understand the impact of COVID-19

Get a deeper level of insights on these topics and more detailed data-based perspectives by joining our July 15 webinar, where we will explore our full “OR of the Future” report! Access the EU & APAC registration and/or USA registration

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