Emotions around the world

A cross-cultural framework for emotion measurement.

Emotions around the worldIn collaboration with academic partners and building on insights gleaned from decades of research within cognitive sciences and neuroscience, Ipsos has developed the Ipsos Emotion Framework. This innovative framework is designed to capture emotional responses across diverse cultures and languages.


The framework is built around three essential dimensions:

  • Valence, showing whether an emotional response is positive or negative.
  • Arousal, defining the intensity of an emotional response.
  • Control, revealing the degree of influence a person feels they possess in a situation.

Such a framework provides a comprehensive understanding and prediction of behaviours, opening new avenues for understanding decision-making processes.

One of the defining features of the Ipsos Emotion Framework is its robust cross-cultural database, which is user generated through their culture and is ever growing. Emotion, being significantly influenced by cultural norms and contexts, needs to be understood and interpreted through a multicultural lens. This crucial aspect is front and centre in the framework, offering an invaluable tool for global organisations to discern and appreciate the cultural nuances of emotional responses.

Furthermore, the Ipsos Emotion Framework has found varied successful applications in real-world scenarios, for example, from enhancing customer experiences to boosting advertising impact. The unique blend of academic rigour and practical applicability makes the framework a powerful diagnostic tool to meet the diverse needs of businesses.

Another attribute of the Ipsos Emotion Framework is its scalability and cost-effectiveness. Moving beyond the constraints of traditional research methods, the approach makes emotion measurement not merely possible but also feasible for a broad spectrum of organisations, ultimately delivering core insights into human behaviour and decision-making. With the Ipsos Emotion Framework, understanding emotions has become a science, one that links the imperceptible world of feelings to real-world actions and outcomes.

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