The Ipsos Foundation: empowering children worldwide through education

Making education accessible to disadvantaged children and young people around the world.

At Ipsos, we are passionate about shaping a better future for children worldwide. Education is a powerful tool that unlocks a world of opportunities, empowering young minds to reach their full potential. With this belief at the core of our values, we established the Ipsos Foundation in 2014.

Together with international and local charities, the Ipsos Foundation supports projects that strive to improve access to education for disadvantaged children and young people, including refugees. We firmly believe that by fostering education, we can create a brighter future for generations to come.

Through the collective efforts of our dedicated employees across 90 countries, the Ipsos Foundation has sponsored over 127 impactful projects in 43 countries. To date, we have awarded grants totalling more than €3M, directly benefiting thousands of children and teenagers.

Making a global Impact: changing lives, one project at a time

We have built schools in Nepal, Ghana, and Zambia, providing safe and nurturing learning environments for children who would otherwise be left behind. Realizing the importance of resources, we have supplied books to communities in the USA, Hong Kong, South Africa, and Haiti, instilling the joy of reading and knowledge in young minds.

Recognizing the unique challenges faced by children with severe illnesses, the Ipsos Foundation has supported their education in Russia, the Philippines, and Kazakhstan. By providing educational opportunities for these brave individuals, we strive to bring hope and empowerment to their lives.

These projects are just a glimpse of the work undertaken by the Ipsos Foundation. By addressing diverse educational needs around the world, we are making a tangible positive impact on the lives of children and young people, fostering a brighter and more inclusive future.


Empowered by our employees: collaborative partnerships

The Ipsos Foundation operates thanks to the unwavering dedication of our Ipsos employees. Each project is sponsored by an Ipsos staff member who shares our vision for a better world. They submit project applications to the Foundation's board of directors and trustees, ensuring that every initiative aligns with our core mission.

Furthermore, our employees often go above and beyond by volunteering their time and expertise, actively participating in the projects we support. Their dedication serves as a testament to our shared commitment to making education accessible to all.


Join us in making a difference: together, we can change lives

The Ipsos Foundation is primarily funded by Ipsos but also welcomes donations from other companies, institutions, and individuals who share our passion for transforming lives through education. By working together, we can create a powerful ripple effect, igniting hope and inspiring change for countless children and young people.

To learn more about the work of the Ipsos Foundation  read our brochure.

For further information or to explore partnership opportunities, please contact Pierre Gaudin at [email protected]

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