Spotlight*KSA: Predictions 2024

Saudi Arabia's residents' outlook for 2024.

Saudi Arabia Predictions

In this Spotlight*KSA report, we asked those living in Saudi Arabia about their outlook for 2024 covering various topics which include the economy, environment, society, and technology.

On a personal level, 9 in 10 are optimistic that 2024 will be better than 2023, while 84% are planning their personal resolutions to work on in 2024, where both figures represent a considerable rise compared to last year's predictions.

Turning to economic matters, 79% in Saudi Arabia anticipate a stronger global economy in 2024, notably higher than the global average of 50% who share this sentiment.

As for the environment, 67% predict a rise in average global temperatures in 2024. Despite this, a hopeful 64% are confident in the government's commitment to setting more ambitious targets for carbon emission reductions.

When it comes to societal aspects, around 4 in 5 share the positive outlook that 2024 will bring about wage equality for men and women.

Lastly, regarding technology, 3 in 5 anticipate that advancements in artificial intelligence will lead to many new jobs being created in Saudi Arabia.

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