Spotlight*KSA: Views on Climate Change

Individuals’ Responsibilities towards Combating Climate Change

This Spotlight*KSA edition tackles the views towards individuals’ responsibilities and familiarity in combating climate change in Saudi Arabia, where 6 in 10 agree that if individuals do not act now to combat climate change, they will be failing future generations, while half feel that they understand what actions they need to take to play their part in tackling climate change. However, these figures remain below the global country average, making Saudi Arabia among the lowest 5 countries worldwide, beside China, Hong Kong, Japan and Russia.

When asked about top Perceived individual actions that would most reduce greenhouse gas emissions, around half said buying energy only from renewable sources and recycling as the top two action. On the other hand, 45% reported using an electric or hybrid car. To limit climate change, 63% said they will be recycling next year and avoiding products with a lot of packaging (62%). 59% will be eating less meat, where Saudi Arabia ranks the highest worldwide compared to other countries.

Furthermore, 45% of people in Saudi Arabia feel that tackling climate change should not be a priority for the government during the on-going economic recovery from COVID-19.

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