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Public Affairs

Political and Social Trends

Ipsos provides the most long-term and comprehensive set of political and social research trends data of all polling companies.

The Social Research Institute's breadth and depth of experience means that we have an unrivalled understanding of political and social trends. We bring findings and rich historical data together from our research in order to measure and explain changing attitudes and behaviours across societies, and we use these findings to provide invaluable context and a detailed narrative for our clients.

We have published many reports examining social trends and public perceptions overall, but we also unpack specific issues that are important across the public and private sectors.

We offer a variety of syndicated, barometer and trends research in a multitude of areas from business and financial sectors, to health and media research.

In the UK, our long term political and social trends have been collected over the last 30+ years and are unrivalled amongst polling organisations.