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Ipsos in the UK has a long tradition of thought leadership. We believe we’re in a very privileged position, seeing so much information and insight on what people think and how they behave, that we have a duty to share it as widely as possible. This is completely in line with Ipsos’ equally long-standing tradition: as Jean-Marc Lech (our late Co-President, who remains a key influence on the organisation) regularly told us, there is no such thing as a silent expert.

Ipsos Thinks has many of the features of a think tank, where we will seek funding externally to add to our own financial support and the best research skills and resources that Ipsos has to offer. We will use our expertise and experience in publicising our work and influencing debates across a very wide range of stakeholders to help ensure this research has an impact. It will also always be based on our strongly held values of integrity, independence and impartiality: we do not have a position on the issues we research, and we will bring that natural mindset to this work.

Our current work programme is focused on a number of broad research areas:

  1. Shifting service expectations

  2. Sustainability and corporate responsibility

  3. Generational analysis: Myths and realities about different age groups

  4. Ageing societies and their implications

  5. The Truth about Trust – an analysis of what is really happening on trust

If you have any interest in these – or other themes you would like to investigate with us – please do get in touch with Colin Strong or Gideon Skinner.

Our recent work

Below you’ll find links to just a selection of the most influential pieces of thought leadership we have conducted in recent years.

Beyond Binary: Generation Z: Their Lives and Choices Ipsos: Millennial Myths and Realities
Beyond Binary: Generation Z: Their Lives and Choices:
This report pulls together existing and new analysis, as well as brand new research on Generation Z, to provide a better understanding of the initial signals on how they will be different to, or the same as, previous generations.
Millennial Myths and Realities:
A major new Ipsos report into Millennials reveals the truth about the 'most derided generation'.
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Ipsos: Service Expectations Ipsos: Sugar - What Next?
Service Expectations:
Ipsos has combined the findings from existing and new research to explore the link between customer satisfaction at a particular service interaction and the customer’s relationship with that brand.
Sugar: What Next?
Reducing the amount of sugar people eat has become a key focus for actions to reduce obesity – and this is reflected in a survey of 100 MPs released with this report.
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The Perennials: the future of ageing - Ipsos Trust: The Truth - Ipsos
The Perennials: the future of ageing:
We turn our attention to understanding what it means to be old today, exploring our ageing societies and their challenges and opportunities.
Trust: The Truth:
Is trust in crisis or is it just complicated? Our major new Ipsos Thinks report reveals the truth about trust.
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Ipsos Global Trends The Future of Fats, Sugar and the Obesity Crisis - Ipsos Thinks
Ipsos Global Trends:
The Ipsos Global Trends survey is the largest study of its kind, providing a unique snapshot of the world today. It covers everything from tradition to trust, from brands to business, from society to social media and much, much more.
The Future of Fats, Sugar and the Obesity Crisis:
This fascinating report looks at expert opinion among regulators, academics, clinicians and food producers, as well as public opinion to chart what may happen next in terms of sugar and fat in our diets, and what it might mean for the obesity crisis.
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Tackling Conspiracy Theories - Ipsos Thinks Ipsos Thinks: Signs of Success
Tackling Conspiracy Theories:
Our report highlights the danger of only focusing on a vocal minority when the wider population often have a more nuanced relationship with conspiracy theories.
Signs of Success:
Our latest report, 'Signs of Success', explores the complex question of what success truly means in the UK. Through comprehensive analysis using various perspectives and data, we explore the different markers of success in British society.
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