Ipsos Tax Strategy

Ipsos is a group of companies based in the UK, all wholly owned by the Ipsos Group in France. Ipsos Group is operating in over 80 countries and this document covers the tax strategy for the UK entities operating under Ipsos.

Ipsos is fulfilling its responsibilities under Schedule 19 of the Finance Act 2016 by publishing this tax strategy and it is effective from the year ending 31 December 2016. The tax strategy will remain in effect until any amendments are approved and published by the management.

Risk management and governance arrangements

Ipsos tax strategy is aligned with the overall Ipsos Group tax policy. We are committed to pay the right amount of tax at the right time under all relevant laws and regulation of the countries in which we operate, in line with our core value of integrity.

The strategy applies to the compliance, payment and reporting of all taxes (which include corporation tax, indirect taxes, and employment taxes) borne and collected by Ipsos.

We will employ diligent professional care and judgement to assess tax risks and to arrive at suitable conclusions in managing risks. In uncertain situations regarding application or interpretation of tax law, we will seek advice from third party tax advisers to support the decision-making process. We do not engage our external auditors in tax advisory and compliance services.

We will aim to maintain low tax risk strategy by submitting all UK tax returns on a timely basis providing all the relevant details to HMRC. We will pay appropriate taxes at the right time. We will maintain appropriate tax accounting records and comply with the Senior Accounting Officer provisions in UK. We will continuously review and improve our internal controls to ensure compliance with laws and regulations and to provide accurate and appropriate information to HMRC reducing our tax risks to acceptable levels.

Attitude to tax planning

Ipsos will not engage in any tax planning or undertake any transactions for the purpose of tax avoidance. Ipsos may consider different tax outcomes when structuring commercial transactions to optimise use of appropriate tax incentives and reliefs aligned with our Group policy and associated UK tax legislation.

Relationship with tax authorities

Ipsos is a responsible taxpayer and adheres to openness and transparency in all aspects of tax reporting and compliance. We will avoid any unnecessary disputes with HMRC and will cooperate with them whenever they require our assistance.

We will comply with all relevant legal disclosures and all appropriate information will be clearly presented to HMRC. We will deal in an open, honest, and transparent manner with HMRC.

Entities covered under Ipsos in the UK

Ipsos MORI UK Ltd
Ipsos (market research) Ltd
Pricesearch Ltd
Ipsos EMEA Holdings Ltd
Ipsos Pan Africa Holdings Ltd
Ipsos Research Ltd
Synovate Healthcare Ltd
Ipsos Healthcare Japan Ltd
Ipsos Interactive Services Ltd
Ipsos Retail Performance Ltd
Livra Europe Ltd
Ipsos Mystery Shopping UK Ltd
Ipsos Mystery Shopping Services UK Ltd
Data Liberation Ltd
Synthesio Ltd
Askia UK Ltd
Intrasonics Ltd
Information Tools (Europe) Ltd
Karian Communication Group Ltd
Employee Pulsecheck Ltd
Karian & Box Ltd