Royal Family Poll

Research Study conducted for The Mail on Sunday between 18 - 20 August 1998

  • MORI On-Line interviewed a representative quota sample of 804 adults aged 18+ across Great Britain.
  • Interviews were conducted by telephone on 18-20 August 1998.
  • Data are weighted to the profile of Great Britain.
  • Where percentages do not add up to exactly 100% this may be due to computer rounding, the exclusion of don't knows or to multiple answers.
  • An asterisk (*) indicates a figure below one half of a percent.

Q1 Would you favour Britain becoming a republic or remaining a monarchy?

Republic 16
Monarchy 75
Don't know 9


Q2 Looking to the future, do you think Britain will or will not have a monarchy ...

  Will Will not Don't know
  % % %
... in ten years? 79 16 5
... in fifty years? 32 44 24
... in one hundred years? 19 55 26


Q3 Do you think that the Queen should abdicate at some stage, or should she remain Queen as long as possible?

Abdicate 28
Remain Queen 67
Don't know 5


Q4 On balance, do you think that Prince Charles will make a good king or a bad king when he comes to the throne in future?

Good king 64
Bad king 20
Neither 19


Q5 Do you think that Prince Charles should or should not give up his right to be the next monarch in favour of his eldest son, Prince William?

Should 32
Should not 61
Don't know 7


Q6 On balance, do you think that Prince Charles is doing a good job or a bad job of bringing up Prince William and Prince Harry?

Good job 75
Bad job 6
Neither 19


Q7 If a special commemorative programme about Princess Diana was broadcast on television, how likely would you be to watch it?

Certain to 16
Very likely 15
Fairly likely 18
Fairly unlikely 11
Very unlikely 17
Certain not to 22
Don't know 1


Q8 How upset would you say that you felt in September about Diana's death? Q9 And how upset would you say you feel now about Diana's death?

  Q8 Sept Q9 Now
  % %
Very upset 42 13
Fairly upset 33 28
Not very upset 17 30
Not upset at all 8 29


Q10 Would you say that the British public over-reacted to the news of Diana's death? Q11 And would you say that the media over-reacted to the news of Diana's death? Q12 And would you say that you personally over-reacted to the news of Diana's death?

  Q10 Q11 Q12
  % % %
Did 50 61 12
Did not 48 37 88
Don't know 2 2 0


Q13 As you may know, some people have put forward conspiracy theories behind the car crash that killed Princess Diana and Dodi Al Fayed. Do you think there was a conspiracy to kill Princess Diana, or do you believe it was an accident?

Believe conspiracy theories 19
Believe accident 66
Don't know 15


Q14 In what way, if at all, will you personally be commemorating the death of Diana on the anniversary of her death on Monday 31 August? IF YES How will you be commemorating her death?

Yes: %
Visit Kensington Palace/royal residence 1
Leave floral tribute 1
Sign a book of condolence 1
Give money to charity 2
Light candle 3
Go to church 2
Say a prayer 6
Watch/listen to commemorative programme 7
Read newspaper/magazine coverage 2
Observe minute's silence 2
Talk about Diana's life to family/friends 2
Go to pub/have a drink for her 1
She will be in my thoughts/I will think about her 3
Other 1
No, will not be commemorating 62
Don't know 9

Will be commemorating 29


Q15 On the anniversary of Diana's death, the Royal Family will be staying at Balmoral. Do you think they should remain at Balmoral for the anniversary, or do you think they should return to London and make a public appearance to mark her death?

Should remain at Balmoral 48
Should return to London 32
Neither 13
Don't know 7


Q16 I am now going to read out a number of proposals that have been put forward for commemorating the life of Princess Diana. For each of the following, I would like you to tell me to what extent you would support or oppose it.

  1. Developing a memorial garden close to Kensington Palace
  2. Lowering the flags at Buckingham Palace and other royal residences at half mast
  3. Holding one minute's silence across Great Britain on the anniversary of Diana's death
  A B C
  % % %
Strongly support 26 43 27
Tend to support 40 28 17
Neither support nor oppose 4 3 4
Tend to oppose 7 8 20
Strongly oppose 9 7 26
Don't know 14 11 6


Q I am now going to read out a number of statements that some people have said about the events over the last year. For each one I read out, please tell me to what extent you agree or disagree. Q17 Since the death of Diana, Britain has become a more caring nation Q18 On hearing of Diana's death, I felt I had lost a close personal friend Q19 The public reaction to the death of Princess Diana has encouraged the Royal Family to modernise the way it carries out its duties Q20 Diana was a special person who will be remembered for generations to come Q21 The death of Diana will have a long-term impact on British society

  Q17 Q18 Q19 Q20 Q21
  % % % % %
Strongly support 10 14 37 53 30
Tend to support 21 12 40 32 26
Neither support nor oppose 13 7 6 4 7
Tend to oppose 30 30 10 8 24
Strongly oppose 22 37 5 3 11
Don't know 4 0 2 0 2


Q22 You mentioned that you felt you lost a close personal friend on hearing of the death of Diana. Do you still feel that you have lost a close personal friend? Base: 194 (All agree lost personal friend Q18)

Yes 66
No 32
Don't know 2


Q23 Now, thinking about the relationship between Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles, do you think they should continue their relationship privately, be completely public about it, or split up?

Continue their relationship privately 35
Be completely public about it 42
Split up 9
Don't know 14


Q24 Assuming they do stay together, do you think they should get married or continue their relationship outside marriage?

They should get married 38
Continue relationship outside marriage 29
Neither/don't know 33


Q25 If Prince Charles were to marry Camilla Parker-Bowles, do you think he should still be allowed to become King, or not?

Should be allowed 50
Should not be allowed 41
Don't know 9

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