Royal Family Poll

MORI poll for the Mail on Sunday, April 2001

  • MORI interviewed 814 British adults aged 18+
  • Interviews were conducted by telephone on 5-6 April 2001
  • Results are based on all respondents unless otherwise stated
  • Data are weighted to the known population profile
  • An * indicates a finding of less than 0.5%, but greater than zero
  • Where percentages do not add up to exactly 100% this may be due to computer rounding, the exclusion of dont knows or to multiple answers
  • Poll conducted by MORI on behalf of The Mail on Sunday


Q1 It has been proposed that a referendum be held to determine whether or not Britain should become a republic with an elected head of state or continue as a monarchy with the head of the Royal Family as the head of state. Do you favour or oppose such a referendum?

Favour 40%
Oppose 51%
Don't know 9%


Q2 If there were a referendum on the issue, would you favour Britain becoming a republic or remaining a monarchy?

Republic 20%
Monarchy 71%
Don't know 9%

Q2a Looking to the future, do you think Britain will or will not have a monarchy.? Base: 542

  Will Will not Don't know
  % % %
In ten years 77 14 9
In fifty years 32 46 22
In a hundred years 19 54 26

Q3 Which two or three members of the Royal Family do you like the most?

The Queen 39%
Prince Charles 38%
Princess Anne/The Princess Royal 28%
Prince William 22%
Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother 19%
Prince Andrew/Duke of York 10%
Princess Diana 8%
Prince Harry 7%
Prince Philip/Duke of Edinburgh 5%
Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex 4%
Sophie Rhys-Jones, Countess of Wessex 2%
Sarah Ferguson/Duchess of York 2%
Princess Margaret 2%
Duchess of Kent 1%
Princess Alexandra 1%
Princess Michael of Kent 1%
Princess Beatrice *%
Duke of Kent *%
Princess Eugenie 0%
None 13%
Don't know 6%

Q4 Do you think that the Queen should abdicate at some stage or should she remain Queen as long as possible?

Abdicate 34%
Stay Queen 61%
Don't know 6%

Q5 Do you think that Prince Charles should or should not give up his right to be the next monarch in favour of his eldest son Prince William?

Should 34%
Should not 57%
Don't know 9%

Q6 Assuming Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles stay together, do you think they should get married or continue their relationship outside marriage?

Get married 46%
Continue relationship outside marriage 29%
Don't know 25%

Q7 If Prince Charles were to marry Camilla Parker-Bowles, do you think he should still be allowed to become king, or not?

Should 59%
Should not 36%
Don't know 5%

Q8 And do you think Camilla should become Queen by his side?

Should 23%
Should not 70%
Don't know 7%

How strongly do you agree or disagree with each of the following statements:

Q9 The future of the monarchy is safe in the hands of the younger members of the Royal Family.

Strongly agree 23%
Tend to agree 37%
Neither agree nor disagree 10%
Tend to disagree 14%
Strongly disagree 11%
Don't know 4%


Q10 Prince Edward and Sophie Rhys-Jones (the Countess of Wessex) are unfairly using their positions as members of the Royal Family to help their own businesses.

Strongly agree 26%
Tend to agree 20%
Neither agree nor disagree 10%
Tend to disagree 18%
Strongly disagree 15%
Don't know 10%


Q11 Sophie Rhys-Jones (the Countess of Wessex) was wrong to speak openly about other members of the Royal Family and leading politicians.

Strongly agree 36%
Tend to agree 19%
Neither agree nor disagree 7%
Tend to disagree 16%
Strongly disagree 16%
Don't know 6%


Q12 Following press reports about Sophie Rhys-Jones' business links, do you think that she should or should not be banned from having outside business activities, and be restricted to royal duties?

Should 24%
Should not 66%
Don't know 10%


Q13 As you may know, Prince Edward has been accused of using his royal title to further his business activities. Do you think that he should or should not be banned from having outside business activities, and be restricted to royal duties?

Should 29%
Should not 64%
Don't know 7%


Q Assuming that they continue with their business activities, do you think that Prince Edward and Sophie Rhys-Jones should or should not be allowed to do each of the following?

Q14 Keep their "HRH" titles

Should 72%
Should not 21%
Don't know 7%


Q15 Have use of royal residences

Should 63%
Should not 30%
Don't know 7%


Q16 Represent Britain on official trips overseas

Should 62%
Should not 33%
Don't know 5%


Q17 Which of these members of the Royal Family do you think Sophie Rhys-Jones has most in common with?

Princess Diana 30%
The Duchess of York 31%
The Queen 5%
Other 1%
None of these 14%
Don't know 20%

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