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A podcast dedicated to the fundamentals of brand success.

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A podcast dedicated to the fundamentals of brand success.

Ipsos Brand Success

Hazel and Chris are joined by Ravleen Beeston, the Regional Vice President for Microsoft Advertising in the UK. Ravleen is a seasoned digital marketing professional and has overseen the expansion of the Microsoft Advertising business, which is fundamental to Microsoft’s core strategy. She also sits on the board of the Interactive Advertising Bureau UK and supports key Diversity and Inclusion initiatives through her board level work with Media Trust and Media for All (MeFA).

Ravleen shares startling statistics around ethnic and minority attitudes to the advertising industry and highlights the importance of DEI for businesses. She also offers inclusive behaviours businesses can adopt to help underrepresented groups thrive in the advertising business.

This is the last episode in the series but not necessarily the last you’ll hear from Chris and Hazel. Thank you for listening and continue to share. Talk soon!

In this new episode we're joined by Tom Roach, VP of Brand Strategy at Jellyfish - a digital marketing agency. If you read Tom's blog you'll see he has over 20 years' experience as a strategist in the world's  best marketing and communications agencies - AMV BBDO, Leo Burnett, adam&eveBBD - working with amazing brands including McDonald's, The BBC, Mercedes-Benz, Deloitte, Tesco, Barclays and John Lewis.  Tom has worked  with the 'Godfather of Effectiveness' Les Binet, as well as sitting on the IPA's effectiveness advisory board and being a columnist for Marketing Week.


Brand talk Episode 8

In this new episode of Brand Talk, Chris and Hazel are welcoming Josy Paul, Cannes legend and CEO of BBDO India. Josy is a fantastic story teller. Listen to his fabulous stories including how he started up BBDO in Mumbai from the back of his car- travelling around and listening to people and their everyday concerns. He also speaks about the creative challenge of “Show me your action, don’t just tell me your promise”, which is a great mantra to go by and develop campaigns that drive brand success.

Ipsos | Brand talk podcast Ep 7

In this episode, our hosts Chris and Hazel, are joined by Enrique Cornish, who is currently the head of marketing for BBVA in Mexico. His career in brand management and strategic planning covers a balance of CPG and services categories: he’s worked for Colgate, Coke, Kraft/Mondelez and Danone.

Enrique is an expert at Brand-Building by way of experiential brand management. He goes in-depth as to what this means and the challenges one might face along the way.

Listen to the end for some sound advice on how to manage your brand building as well as your career.

Ipsos | Brand talk podcast Ep 6This is second half of our interview with Jody Bilney, one of the most experienced and knowledgeable brand strategists in the world today. Jody was kind enough to share her rich history and show how her skills in consumer experience and marketing within boardrooms remain fundamental.

Jody talks about how she joined Humana, an established health insurance company, and used her experience from the restaurant sector to revitalise their consumer journey.

She also talks about Generational Equity Transfer: how to ensure that longstanding organisations can stay relevant for future generations. Stay to the end for some real jewels of wisdom - especially if you're a marketer!

Ipsos | Brand Success | No long-term without the short-term

In this episode, Chris and Hazel talk to Jody Bilney, currently on the board of Chuy's, Planet Fitness, Masonite, Cracker Barrell, Alignment Healthcare and Confluent Health, who has in the past also been the CMO, CBO, and CCO at Verizon, Schwab, Bloomin' Brands and Humana.

One of the themes of Brand Talk is the challenges brand leaders face as they navigate the realities of the board room. Jody has been on both sides of that exchange, and has so much experience to share.

Indeed, the conversation was so rich that we had to split it into two parts, of which this is the first.

Ipsos | Brand Talk | Podcast | Understanding experience

In this episode we talk to Neeraj Kalani, Global head of Commercial and Medical Excellence at Moderna. Neeraj has had a unique career story, from brand strategy to marketing operations, digital transformationand overall brand experience management at some of the biggest companies out there. 

Listen as he shares some of the lessons learned along the way and what it's like running insights and brand-building in one of the biggest pharma firms in the world. A great listen for any budding brand strategist.

Ipsos | Brand Talk | Podcast | Timely expression of a timeless truth

In the third episode of the series we talk to John Livanos, Lead Brand Strategist for Harman International, who started his career in Insights but now leads a number of important functions– including Marketing Transformation, Global Creative/Advertising, Insights and Analytics.

Our hosts chat to John about his role and focus on the challenges brand leaders face as they attempt to navigate a portfolio of brands through a constantly shifting contextual backdrop.

Ipsos | Brand Talks | Podcast | Designs of distinction

In this episode of Ipsos' Brand Strategy podcast our hosts Chris Murphy and Hazel Freeman are joined by Lee Rolston. Lee is the Chief Growth Officer for Jones Knowles Ritchie (JKR), a creative design agency.

Ipsos | Brand Talk | Podcast | The power of shaping expectations

Ipsos’ Brand Strategy podcast is back and focusing on the fundamentals of brand success. In this first episode in the new series, David Robson, author of The Expectation Effect: How your mindset can transform your life, joins the podcast to discuss the importance of reinforcing and shaping expectations as a brand leader.

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