Contextual brand tracking

Tracking expectations, context and empathy to build successful brands

Ipsos | Brand Success | Contextual Brand Tracking

Ipsos | Brand Success | Contextual brand tracking

A revolutionary new approach to brand tracking

In the new age of digital commerce and social media, brands are no longer in control. People are.

While brands can be successful by actively shaping people’s expectations, this can only be achieved with a deeper understanding of the world we all live in, and a broader sense of what brands add to our lives.

Working out how context influences the brands that people choose means understanding their everyday reality: their values, opinions, and norms. With Ipsos’ Contextual Brand Tracking, these are combined with brand KPIs related to how people

think and act in common purchasing situations, to create a holistic picture of how consumers and brands interact.

In fact, Contextual Brand Tracking provides a gateway to understand and track comprehensive drivers of brand choice that are often ignored in brand performance research.

Finally, Contextual Brand Tracking uses bottom-up brand measurement to reveal unbiased, organic and spontaneously generated insights into people’s critical needs and wants in context of the category, and of what’s important to their lives.

What contextual brand tracking delivers

  • How your brand can chart a realistic path to success by attracting more people, more often and more easily.

  • How new and different occasions can become relevant to future success and what is needed to overcome competition in those different situations.

  • If your brand’s expressions (i.e. its assets, intended or consumer-generated communication) are shaping positive expectations, in line with brand experience.

  • How your brand can plan for future success using what-if scenarios related to positive expectations against contextual drivers, and how perceived empathy can play a critical role.

Ipsos | Contextual Brand Tracking


What makes it unique?

Contextual Brand tracking allows you to:

  • Understand brand equity in the context of different occasions so that you can plan for growth within a broader competitive environment.

  • Discover what people are saying organically about your brand, its competitors, the category, and the broader context avoid “puttingwords in people’s mouths” with classic direct questioning.

  • Get a sense of whether your brand and its competitors are perceived as truly empathetic and find ways of fulfilling people’s aspirations, in the context of their world and the wider world.

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