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Ipsos | Brand Success | Contextual brand choice

Ipsos | Brand Success | Contextual brand choice

Consumers are more aware, more demanding and more powerful than ever before. So, we asked ourselves: when we measure strategic brand drivers, are we telling the full story?  The answer is no.

Indeed, many brand growth models are static.  In reality however, people's choices of brands do not happen in a vacuum; they involve a complex interaction of factors which are influenced by the micro and macro contexts in which those choices take place.  Micro elements that influence our brand choice encompass factors like our location and companions at the time of choosing a product or brand, the specific occasion, and even the weather.  Macro context encompasses the economic and socio-cultural environment in which we live, covering the many prevalent topics, issues, and themes at the forefront of our society.  Think for instance about concerns for the environment, or the wish for a more inclusive society.

Research from Ipsos reveals that both macro and micro contextual elements significantly impact people's decision-making processes.  Specifically, our research indicates that contextual influences account for over 50% of brand choice drivers. (See Figure 1.)  Therefore, we believe that we should move away from static brand growth modelling towards more dynamic contextual brand choice models that respond to the ever-changing context in which brands and their consumers are living.

Ipsos | Brand Success | Contextual Brand Choice
Figure 1: Context is key in understanding brand choice.

Ipsos leverages its expertise in brand growth modelling to identify and capitalize on contextually inspired brand growth opportunities.  By systematically analysing potential contextual drivers, we help uncover actionable insights that serve as inspiration for brands to rethink their value proposition and reshape consumer expectations.  This empowers brands to innovate, reshape expectations of what the brand can deliver, and add increased value to people's lives. 

Leveraging context to drive brand growth

In the end, it's all about understanding that consumers' brand choices are not made in a vacuum but influenced by the dynamic and changing contexts in which they are living their lives.  The micro and macro context in which people live their lives and make product and brand choices is an important source of inspiration to help brands grow.  By uncovering the context in which consumers engage with your products and brands, you will be able to meet the ever-changing needs and desires of consumers and answer questions like:

  • How can I reshape expectations in a way that only my brand can meet them?

  • How can I integrate societal impact in my brand proposition in an ownable and credible way?

  • How can I overcome behavioral barriers that stop people from using my brand?

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