Flair Italy 2019 - Communitarian and Cosmopolitan, the new divides

The 10 key points from this edition of Italy Flair outlines citizens’ responses to the political and economic developments of the past year and trends in society and markets.

The author(s)
  • Nando Pagnoncelli Public Affairs, Italy
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Flair Italy 2019 | IpsosThe 10 key points include chapter summaries from the full Flair report, such as:

  • Invisible recovery: Fear of recession looms as economic indicators turned negative at the end of 2018. Italians are responding in two contradictory ways.
  • Consumption is not picking up: There is a slowdown in consumer spending, and household savings are increasing as Italians are being more careful with their money.
  • The impossible community: A communitarian response is seen as citizens wish to protect themselves to the external threats of globalisation. But processes of individualisation create tensions within this community.
  • The precautionary principle: There is a strong trend running counter to the prevailing sentiment which is highly critical of the Europe and the Euro: Italians would prefer to remain in Europe. Only 25% of Italians would vote to leave the EU if there was a referendum
  • Identity and borders: The narrative around immigration has persisted into 2018 although the landings by sea have significantly decreased. We find fragmented public opinion on immigration, affected in part by the decade-long economic crisis.
  • Make it easy: Simplification as a response to increasing complexity gives brands a new way to craft memorable messages. See the direct advertising campaigns of Ferrero and Zambon, for example.

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The author(s)
  • Nando Pagnoncelli Public Affairs, Italy