Flair Collection

Flair Russia 2020 - In Search of Sustainability

In the second issue of Ipsos Flair Russia, Ipsos experts share their vision of how changing social attitudes about what is “good” and what is “bad” affects consumer behaviour.

Flair Brazil 2020 - Watercolour or Mosaic

Flair goes to Brazil for the fifth time and finds a country grappling with a series of crises and changing consumer behaviour.

The future of automobiles in Brazil

Changing consumer habits and new forms of mobility are radically changing the car industry in Brazil, this paper offers a viewpoint on where the market is headed.

The blind spot of marketing: Generation X in Brazil

Generation X have become the middle sibling of the generations, but they are opportunities for brands in this forgotten group.

Life in a lookist society: beauty and self-care in South Korea

Beauty and self-care have become a daily necessity in South Korea, this article finds six trends in the current market.

Flair Ivory Coast 2019 - Are we one?

Ipsos Flair goes to Ivory Coast for the first time and finds a country which is rapidly going digital and a society of class extremes.

Flair South Korea 2020 - Customized & Connected

The first edition of Flair in South Korea explores a nation that despite its distinct international identity, is relatively little-known and easy to stereotype. Our study of society, markets and people shows Koreans to be both independent and dependent: ‘customized and connected’.

Flair Indonesia 2019 - Now or Never

The second edition of Indonesia Flair presents a dynamic and thriving nation that is growing in international importance.

Flair Italy 2018 - A Country in Search of Identity

This is the eighth edition of Ipsos Flair Italy. Once again we have reported what is happening in the country, including the reactions of Italians and how they feel about their place in the world.

Flair Indonesia 2018 - Dealing with the Opposites

Indonesia is more often in the news because of volcanic eruptions, tsunamis or other disasters, than for a more positive coverage. It is all the more unfair since the country, one of the most attractive in the world for tourists, has been experiencing sustained economic growth for decades and,…