Flair Collection

Flair Italy 2019 - Communitarian and Cosmopolitan - the new divides

The 10 key points from this edition of Italy Flair outlines citizens’ responses to the political and economic developments of the past year and trends in society and markets.

Flair Russia 2019 - The Time of Adjustments

For decades Russia has been at the forefront of world affairs, geopolitical issues, and international news. This first edition of Ipsos Flair Russia is all about its people, their aspirations, their expectations, and their everyday life.

Flair Brazil 2019 - The Sound and The Noise

Brazil’s recent history has been a series of monumental events. All facts typical of traditional historiography, especially political and economic facts, may easily illustrate the country’s last few years.

Flair Italy 2018 - A Country in Search of Identity

This is the eighth edition of Ipsos Flair Italy. Once again we have reported what is happening in the country, including the reactions of Italians and how they feel about their place in the world. This year we have worked, as we always do, on the mass of information at our disposal, increasingly…

Flair Indonesia 2018 - Dealing with the Opposites

Indonesia is more often in the news because of volcanic eruptions, tsunamis or other disasters, than for a more positive coverage. It is all the more unfair since the country, one of the most attractive in the world for tourists, has been experiencing sustained economic growth for decades and,…

Flair France 2018 - Simmer? Shudder? Or quiver?

Having described France as a time-bomb at the heart of Europe and a country frivolously denying reality, The Economist designated France as the country of the year in 2017. Perhaps Emmanuel Macron’s election has already changed the global outlook on the country.

Flair India 2018 - Aspiration to Action

In 2018, the Indian economy will be in fifth place worldwide, ahead of France and the UK. This dynamic, opening new balances of power, is part of a favourable trend for Asian countries that will be in the ranking of the ten largest economies in the next 15 years.

Flair Brazil 2018 - The Mask Slipped! Time for Truth

For many Brazilians, it’s the “Time for Truth”. Years of political scandals, government corruption and the omnipresent “false news” have become too numerous - people now trust only themselves to discover reality. Brands, advertising, companies are not spared by this new age of suspicion.

Flair Argentina 2017 - The Crisis in the DNA

If you were to Google Argentina, you would find more than 1 billion results: the major part is about Tango, Carlos Gardel, football, amazing landscapes populated by gauchos, food, asado, beef and wine production, politics and shows with the Peron couple, popularised by Madonna...

Flair Italy 2017 - The Bespoke Reality

Italy internalises turbulence, Italy’s families are in an increasingly precarious situation, Italy is dominated by a cautious attitude... Discover the 10 points of Flair Italy 2017.