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A weekly podcast series exploring best practices in customer experience strategies, mystery shopping and channel performance.

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  • Helen Wilson Customer Experience and Channel Performance, Ipsos UK
  • Trevor Clarke Vice President, Canada
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Customer Perspective: an Ipsos podcast | CX | Mystery Shopping | RetailWelcome to Customer Perspective hosted by Ipsos’ customer experience research specialists. Each week, our hosts will interview dynamic experts from across the insights industry, including within Ipsos, aimed at helping you deliver your brand promise to customers. Whether you are a customer experience practitioner, lead CX measurement and management programs, head up mystery shopping, are responsible for the performance of sales channels, or delivering customer success … this podcast is for you.

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Season 2, Episode 6 – Tune in to hear special guest Sofía Suárez, Shopper & Category Leadership Senior Manager at Nestlé Mexico, describe the changing shopper behaviors she is seeing, how Nestlé is responding, in particular how her team have had to change the way they do business, and expectations of her partners. Worth listening in for her take on future trends alone; she got it right two years ago!

Season 2, Episode 5 - This week we are delighted to welcome CCMA (UK Call Centre Management Association) CEO, Leigh Hopwood, to the guest chair. Hear Leigh discuss all things contact centres, with Ipsos’ Andy Firth, self-proclaimed contact centre geek: shift to homeworking, switch to remote channels, accelerated digitization, automation and self-service, the vital role of contact centres in delivering Customer Experience excellence, and more …

Season 2, Episode 4 - Running global Customer Experience studies provides both better value for money than individual country studies, and a degree of standardisation across markets. However, their validity remains at risk from an age-old research problem: cultural response bias. This week we welcome Fiona Moss, Director in our Ipsos CX Global Analytics team, and Bharath (Vijay) Vijayendra, Head of Analytical Services in our US Ipsos CX business, to talk to us about the impact of cultural bias on response – and what to do about it, to ensure the right actions are taken.

Season 2, Episode 3 - This week we are delighted to welcome special guest John Walker, Head of Customer Insights at A.P. Moller – Maersk. John speaks about the differences – and parallels – between B2B and B2C CX, shares his views on how CX is evolving and the ‘next challenges’ for CX professionals, as well as giving advice to those new to CX/wanting fresh thinking.

Season 2, Episode 2 - This week we welcome back Jean-Francois (JF) Damais, Ipsos’ CX Chief Research Officer who builds on last week’s topic, taking us through the practical steps involved in financial linkage modeling to ‘unlock’ resources and prioritize spend. JF also shares examples of the specific types of business questions that can be answered by such ROCXI analytics.

Season 2, Episode 1 – Our special guest to kick-off Season 2 is McDonald’s Matt Cahill, Senior Director, Consumer Insights Activation.  Tune in to hear Matt share how McDonald’s is responding to today’s and tomorrow’s challenges, the role of research in making business decisions, achieving best in class CX, and how to drive desired customer behaviours.

Episode 15 – Our final podcast of Season 1 focuses on the power of Mystery Shopping in evaluating and improving the performance of the digital channel, as well as the practical considerations when setting up such a program.

Episode 14 - This week we invited Dan Zuckerman, VP in our US CX business and Sven Heine, Ipsos CX Global COO, to tell us about ‘CX Tech’. Hear Dan and Sven share their take on CX technology – its role in CX measurement and management programs, factors to take into account when choosing the right platform for your business, and where it’s heading.

Episode 13 – Take your insights to the next level by listening in as Reena Roy, Vice President, Ipsos US Channel Performance business tells us how Mystery Shopping can be used to address strategic, as well as tactical decision-making needs, better design, better execution, and better impact. Reena further highlights a range of approaches being employed to meet clients’ needs across a range of sectors, including high-end luxury.

Episode 12 - This week we’re joined by Ipsos business to business (B2B) CX expert, Matthew Chatterton, to join us. Listen in to hear his views on what makes for a truly great B2B relationship, and, of course, to get some advice on best practice CX measurement and management.

Episode 11 – Listen in as we speak with two of Ipsos’ behavioral science experts - Colin Strong, our global lead, and Tamara Ansons, who heads up the discipline in the UK. Expect a wide-ranging discussion as we get to grips with: what behavioral science actually is; when to ‘bring it to the table’, how; and the role it can play in influencing service design and customer behaviors.

Episode 10 – We’re joined by Stephane Sanchez who leads our Customer Experience and Channel Performance business in Singapore. Hear more about some of the challenges his clients are facing and how they’re addressing them, as well as his take on the role of Mystery Shopping and Voice of the Customer (VoC) programs in the wider CX measurement ecosystem.

Episode 9 – This week we hear from CX experts - Lesley Haibach (Canada), Jamie Thorpe (UK), and Richard Korn (Hong Kong) - as they talk about the business questions they’re being asked by clients in their markets and, of course, how they’re addressing them.

Episode 8 – Listen in as we put Ralf Ganzenmueller, Ipsos Chairman of Customer Experience and Channel Performance, and the CEO of DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland), on the hotseat.  Ralf takes ‘a look around the corner’ as to where the world might be, what that might mean for our clients, and, indeed, for Ipsos, in our role as partners.

Episode 7 – Listen in to hear Nicholas Mercurio, Executive Vice President and leader of Ipsos, Channel Performance in the U.S., talk to us about which health & safety policies build consumer confidence. As economies around the world are starting to reopen, brands must take steps to ensure consumers feel safe. Learn more about this topic by reading our paper here.

Episode 6 – This week we welcome Helen Bywater-Smith, an Ipsos expert in journey mapping and CX service design. Listen in to learn more about customer journey mapping and the impact this can have on organizations. 

Episode 5 - This week we are joined by three colleagues from our Retail/Channel Performance business: Peter Luff, Tim Denison, and Anna Hatfield Shaw. Listen in as our experts discuss the impact of the pandemic on retail traffic and consumer behaviors, how retailers are starting to come out ‘the other side’, and the challenges they are needing to address, in particular relating to measuring and managing occupancy levels to help comply with government social distancing guidelines, and keep employees and customers safe.

Episode 4 – This week’s must-listen episode puts Jean-Francois (JF) Damais, Ipsos CX Chief Research Officer, in the hot seat. Listen in as he talks about CX Forces – our CX ‘framework’ that captures the true building blocks of relationship strength, helping organizations bring their CX strategy to the next level. In light of the Covid-19 crisis, understanding how the hierarchy of needs is changing is more crucial than ever. Read more about The Forces of CX – The science of strong relationships in challenging times.

Episode 3 - This week we speak with Nicolas Fritis, who heads up our LATAM Customer Experience and Channel Performance team, about the best practice measures being taken by organizations around the globe, to adapt to this new environment, to provide support, care and protection to customers, to do the right thing by employees and, indeed, to do the right thing by the world at large.

Episode 2 - This week we welcome Craig Bradley, Global Service Line Leader of Channel Performance, and Becky Harris, Head of Channel Performance who speak candidly about some of the changes we’re seeing in this time of coronavirus and more generally, what this might mean going forward.

Episode 1 - At Ipsos, we’re being asked for help in addressing clients’ questions about the disruption that coronavirus is having on society, on their business and customers, and its impact on their CX programs. In the inaugural episode, Ipsos’ Ben Llewellyn, Global Service Line Leader of Customer Experience walks us through some of these tough questions and offers insights on measurement and management.

The author(s)

  • Helen Wilson Customer Experience and Channel Performance, Ipsos UK
  • Trevor Clarke Vice President, Canada

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