[WEBINAR] Empowering B2B Intermediaries through Customer Experience

Many financial services businesses deploy external intermediaries in one form or another. These B2B (business to business) relationships can be between the financial institution and external salespeople, advisors, agents, brokers, wholesalers, etc. These are often independent third parties who serve as the intermediary between the customer and your firm. In many cases, these businesses are selling to other businesses, rather than the end consumer.

Unfortunately, it’s often easy to overlook people who don’t work directly for your firm because you may not “see” or have regular contact with them. However, as an extension of your firm, they represent your brand, products, and services. More importantly, their success has a significant impact on the success of your firm during challenging economic times.

Inflation adversely affects businesses, just as much as it does ordinary consumers. With the cost of doing business on the rise, are you doing everything you can to help your sales intermediaries succeed?

Join us as our Customer Experience research specialty experts reveal the four core tenets of a successful firm-intermediary B2B relationship. Attendees will hear more about:

  • Why sales intermediaries like brokers, agents and advisors are more important now than ever
  • What they need from product providers---the firms they work with—to enable the sales process
  • Which gaps are most important to close and the potential impact upon sales

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Speakers :

  • Mary DeBisschop, Senior Vice President, Customer Experience

  • Jeff Repace, Senior Vice President, US

Customer Experience