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A monthly podcast exploring emerging trends, budding innovations and creative ways to get closer to real people in real life.

The author(s)

  • Emma Grand Director, Global Product Manager, Canada, Ipsos UU
  • April Jeffries President, US, Ipsos UU
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Welcome to Insight Out hosted by Ipsos UU. Each month, our hosts will interview dynamic experts from across the insights industry, including within Ipsos, to expose truths, evoke empathy and fuel business growth now and into the future.

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Episode 5, July 2019: Must We Still Talk to People?

In this episode, Emma speaks with Sue Phillips, Global Service Leader Insights for Impact, about whether or not we need to talk to people anymore to reveal insights. They explore how the way we interact and engage has changed over the years, and how our thinking and approaches must evolve to keep up to this new reality.

Episode 4, June 2019: Woke Brands

In this episode, April speaks to Cristina Craciun, Ipsos’ Global Transformation Leader exploring the risks and rewards of having a Brand with Purpose. Does your brand live up to its mission and values? If it doesn’t, today’s value-driven generation will readily dismiss your brand.

Episode 3, May 2019: Discovering Disruptive Innovators with Andrew Leary

We’re pleased to feature our interview with Andrew Leary, Global CEO of Ipsos' Social Media Exchange, exploring disruptive innovations and a new approach to identify lead users. Click here to read the paper co-authored by Andrew and Sandro Kaulartz, Chief Research Officer of Ipsos Social Intelligence & Analytics, called Introducing the New Era of Lead User Innovation.

Episode 2, April 2019: Humans versus AI with Radhecka Roy

In this episode, we speak to Radhecka Roy, Global Lead of Strategic Curation with Ipsos UU, as she explores the need for humans in a world of technology, data and information overload. Click here to read Radhecka's paper, Human Curation in an AI World.

Episode 1, March 2019: Contextual Breathing with April Jeffries

In our inaugural episode, April Jeffries, Global President of Observation with Ipsos UU, joins Emma for a conversation about a new philosophy called Contextual Breathing. Click here to watch her Pecha Kucha presentation.

The author(s)

  • Emma Grand Director, Global Product Manager, Canada, Ipsos UU
  • April Jeffries President, US, Ipsos UU

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