How to win over Generation Z?

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  • Maaike Goes Marketing & Communications, the Netherlands
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Generation Z: how well do you really know them?

Generation Z


Generation Z (Gen Z) is hot. Everybody talks about them and information is coming from all directions. You know you've got to act on it, but you are not sure where to start. A lot of the available information is rather superficial and not concrete enough.

Generation Z workshop

Generation research: answer to all your questions

Targeted market research amongst GenZ's tells you everything about this generation: how they think about certain issues, what they think is important. It offers you answers to questions like: how to reach them, through which channels and what to show in our communication?

The advantages of Ipsos' generation research

Thanks to years of experience in generation research we know that needs can remain the same from one generation to another, but how they are met is often quite unique.

We offer:

  • Elaborate knowledge on the target group. Gained from interviews with Gen Z's and conversations with Gen Z experts
  • A clear context. Through previous research among other generations we can compare Generation Z quite accurately to other generations, such as Millennials.
  • Expertise in finding out what really makes people tick.

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Rozemarijn Landeweerd



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The author(s)

  • Maaike Goes Marketing & Communications, the Netherlands

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