Spotlight*KSA: Views on the Kingdom's Infrastructure

How satisfied are KSA residents with the Kingdom’s infrastructure?

In this Spotlight*KSA report, we present views on infrastructure in the kingdom.

The majority of residents in Saudi Arabia, 68% of them, are satisfied with the current infrastructure in the country. Airports (77%), pavement (70%), and local roads and motorways (68%) were the most impressive.

As a futuristic outlook, locals believed that resilience, meaning how well their infrastructure stands up to challenges today and in the future is the most important factor to be taken into account. They also gave equal importance to legacy for future generations and disruption, while the infrastructure is being built. 41% preferred that the government would maintain and repair the roads, as opposed to adding new investments.

However, to them, investing in infrastructure is vital to the economy’s future growth and they are open to foreign investments when it comes to new infrastructure. Thus, the majority are supportive of the government's new infrastructure plans, with only 5% opposing them. They foresee these plans to include new, affordable homes, new roads, and new railway lines.