Our commitment to diversity, fairness and equality

Ipsos stands together with all victims of brutality, discrimination and injustice. There should be no place for racism, prejudice or hatred to hide – in our business or in our society.

This belief is shared across our entire firm which represents over 120 different ethnic groups, nationalities and cultural identities, in 90 different countries around the world. Ipsos is stronger because of the diversity of its people, which lets us better understand people, business and societies. As an organisation we are committed to our Diversity and Inclusion programmes, fairness and equality.

We will use our skills productively to highlight prejudice in societies and work to ensure we more fully represent the communities we serve, at all levels of the organisation.

As part of this commitment, we have announced that we will run a longer-term research project looking at race -  and diversity in general - at work in the UK and in society.  The first part of this programme sees us partnering with DIAL Global, UN Global Compact, UpReach and EY to produce a ground-breaking report on diversity in the senior ranks of the UK’s leading institutions. Read more here.

If you would like to work with us to drive progress, please get in touch.

Best wishes
Kelly Beaver
Chief Executive, UK