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Race, Faith and Cohesion Research

Leaders in complex, sensitive research.

Our multidisciplinary team are experts in race, faith and social cohesion. We are dedicated to understanding how the movement of populations and cultures impacts attitudes and behaviour, and we support policymakers to shape change. Our clients for race, faith and cohesion include central government bodies, the European Union, think tanks and non-profit groups.

Through our extensive experience we have honed different techniques for reaching members of particular faith, ethnic or national backgrounds, to overcome the difficulties inherent in researching minority groups. This includes innovative methodologies, such as Respondent-Driven Sampling, which use social networks to recruit participants while retaining scientific rigour. We also partner with NGOs and communal associations, as well as academics and think tanks, in order to broaden our reach – we inspire confidence as a household name with a reputation for high-quality solutions and objectivity.