Telephone Omnibus (CATI)

Ipsos Telephone Omnibus offers the fastest turnaround possible via an offline solution. Findings can be delivered within days after questionnaire agreement. It collects background information on the respondent and the household; covering everything from standard demographics right through to things like housing tenure and internet access. All of this information is available, either for targeting your questions on particular respondents or for profiling your results.

Client context

A nationally and regionally representative sample of 1,000 adults.

All interviews are carried out using CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing).

GB, France, Germany, Spain & Italy every week of the year.

Findings can be delivered as little as 3 days after questionnaire agreement. Your results are supplied as electronic computer tables, a summary report, interactive database or as a presentation.

Our Solutions

Benefits of Ipsos Telephone Omnibus:

  • quality and representativity of sample design
  • harmonisation of the service across Europe and beyond
  • the opportunity to screen from extensive classification information
  • speed of turnaround
  • cost effectiveness
  • assurance and confidence in data quality

Contact Peter Cooper on 020 8861 8015 or Sarah Shepherd on 020 8861 8717.

Case studies

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