Our history


Ipsos MORI staff move into our new office at 3, Thomas More Square (TMS). Ex-Minerva House employees spend their first day in the new office and give great reviews.



Ipsos and Synovate combination is complete; Synovate becomes Ipsos MORI in the UK.



Ben Page, previously Managing Director, Social Research Institute becomes new CEO.



MORI is acquired by Ipsos to become Ipsos MORI.



Ipsos acquires RSL in the UK to become RSL-Ipsos, attracted by its industry leadership in media research. By 1997, Ipsos companies were among the most successful in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK.



RSL is the first research agency in the UK to introduce Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing (CAPI), which is used for a large customer satisfaction survey for British Telecom, as well as the company’s new face-to-face omnibus – ‘CAPIBUS’.



Ipsos is founded by Didier Truchot in Paris, France. The overarching goal: to work closely with our clients. In 1982, Jean-Marc Lech joins Ipsos and becomes Co-President alongside Didier Truchot.



Robert Worcester founds Market & Opinion International (MORI) a joint venture between ORC and NOP (then owned by Associated Newspapers). “MORI was a short-enough acronym to fit into headlines or at the bottom of a TV screen,” Worcester quipped, foreseeing the future strength and visibility of the brand.



RSL develops the social grading system, still in use today, for the National Readership Survey. This classifies the population into six social grades ( A, B, C1, C2, D and E) based on a combination of variables associated with education and occupation.



In the 1950s, Abrams and RSL ran a series of opinion studies for the Labour Party. Aneurin Bevan accused him of ‘wanting to take the poetry out of politics’ and claimed that it was ‘the role of the politician to know what the electorate wants.’ Hugh Gaitskill and Harold Wilson accepted the use of surveys as a valued and respectable part of the political process.



Mark Abrams founds Research Services Limited (RSL). He was also instrumental in founding the Market Research Society. Read a summary of his papers.