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Ipsos Connect specialises in measuring and amplifying how media, brands and people connect through compelling content, great communication and relevant media planning. Our insights (both qualitative and quantitative) enable clients to build great campaigns, that impact brand success through sales, boosting brand relationships, and great content to attract audiences. We deliver economic value for media owners and advertisers alike. Our solutions put people at the heart of strategy for media and advertisers.

Ipsos Marketing specialises in addressing issues related to innovation, market understanding and path to purchase. We help clients to define their marketing strategy, identify new opportunities, understand buying behaviour, develop brands, services and products and optimise the allocation of their marketing expenditures.

Social Intelligence Analytics allows us to make the most of unstructured data, focusing on what people spontaneously say. With online content, we go beyond just monitoring social media. We can address more fundamental questions – from how a market works to how consumers behave, from what customers like about an experience to what people think about your brands, from what frustrates people about society to people’s health concerns. We make best use of AI to analyse the vast and deepening text, video & image data available to us. We can analyse data from today, a year ago or even further back on almost any question of interest. We aim to integrate AI with human and business intelligence and put these together with our more traditional market research methods to enable our clients to look at things they could never look at before and discover surprising and impactful insights.

Ipsos Healthcare partners with pharmaceutical, bio-tech and medical device manufacturers to inspire better healthcare. Operating in over 40 countries, our 700+ experts support key business decisions for clients throughout the commercial lifecycle, from early-stage strategy, to launch, to performance optimisation.

Ipsos Loyalty specialises in all matters relating to measuring, managing and improving customer relationships and employee engagement. We help our clients manage the experiences they deliver in a way that maximises the value of both customers and employees to their organisation

Ipsos Public Affairs specialises in conducting public opinion, elite stakeholder, corporate, and media opinion research to help clients manage an issue, or advance their reputation.