[WEBINAR RECORDING] KEYS - Why Context Really Matters

Join Ipsos for its complimentary KEYS webinar series dedicated to helping brands and organizations better understand the dynamics of today as they prepare for tomorrow.

Each session features new perspectives, based on real-life experiences and insights grounded in research. Did you miss a previous installment? Click here to access our on demand archives.

People aren’t robots, they don’t make carefully-balanced purchase decisions, based only on relative price and utility. Context matters: our Ipsos Global Trends survey shows rising proportions saying they want to buy brands which share their values. Overall, up to 50% of brand choice can be driven by societal or behavioral factors. We all need to stay tuned to this broader environment, as people around the world continue to deal with an array of global and local uncertainties.

In this month's KEYS webinar series, we’ll be reflecting on how a better understanding of cultures, countries and communities can help us make more informed decisions.

On the agenda:

The context of brand success: Successful brands start by taking stock of how people are living their daily lives, and what is happening in the wider world around them. We present new thinking on how to differentiate the macro from the micro context.

The dynamics of public opinion: We review the prevailing mood, with a special focus on the findings of Ipsos’ annual International Women’s Day research.

Being Woman: Even with the great strides made in female empowerment, tensions remain for women in many aspects of their lives. We share the latest findings from an Ipsos research program that seeks to understand what it means to be a woman across different cultures.

When difference doesn't mean different: How can we do better at assessing whether contrasting survey ratings are the result of variations in actual performance or more a feature of different cultural response styles? We take a look at the latest evidence.

The sessions will include a Q&A with presenters.

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