[WEBINAR] The Path Forward: Canada’s Creative Fightback

Join Ipsos for our sixth in a series of Covid-19 The Path Forward complimentary webinars featuring a wide-range of insights to help inform your business recovery strategies – today we focus on the advertising industry. 

It is important that brands do not go dark during an economic downturn, but it is also important to communicate using the appropriate tone.  In this session, we will share analysis on how Canadian consumers want brands to communicate to them as well as consumer reaction to Covid-related advertising to help brands understand the appropriate tone and voice for their campaigns. Ultimately, we will demonstrate how stories told by brands during these challenging times can play a positive role in consumers’ lives, helping to ensure their long-term survival in the process. 

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Speakers :

  • Steve Levy, Ipsos Canada

  • Ted Doering, Vice President, Creative Excellence Canada

  • Brett McIntosh, President Publicis Canada

Media & Brand communication