[WEBINAR] How to generate better insights and exceed the consumer experience!

Let industry experts & black belt marketeers show you how the Jobs to be Done methodology is put into action 



Learn how LiveKindly is building successful global business strategies within the plant-based food category grounded on the Jobs to be Done principles. This method has proven effective for many years during the careers of marketing experts Johannes and Mick and allowed them to create numerous successful brands and product portfolios. 

During this webinar they will give you insight in how it’s currently helping them build a consumer centric brand, product and retail experience that exceeds the current experience just by understanding which jobs need to be done better and how. 

Ipsos’ Jobs to be Done expert Rozemarijn will share the beauty and key success criteria crucial to get the most out of the methodology from a research perspective. She will help you understand how to take away the complexity of identifying jobs. And what steps to take to create a well-defined Jobs to be Done framework that helps marketeers, R&D and creative agencies develop successful brands, products, services and communication.

This webinar took place on
Thursday November 19th at 4.00 pm CET.

In case you are interested in the content of this webinar please Rosemary Landeweerd via
rozemarijn.landeweerd@ipsos.com or Cher Pietersz via cher.pietersz@ipsos.com


Johannes Hartmann Johannes Hartmann
Johannes is a consumer insight specialist and owner of Insight Republic. During his 30 years’ corporate career he worked for Unilever and the Estée Lauder Companies in various roles across the globe. He facilitated the implementation of leading edge insight approaches and methodologies. His teams always stood in the forefront of innovation and how insight can be implemented into innovation processes. Johannes lives in the Netherlands and his company is currently affiliated with LiveKindly co.
Mick van Ettingen Mick van Ettinger
Mick is the CMO of the LiveKindly co -- a newly founded company that wants to help people to transition towards a sustainable plant-based diet and to inspire people to LiveKindly. Mick is a Unilever veteran where he worked in senior positions around the globe. Mick was the Senior Vice President for the Ice Cream category and the Executive Vice President for the tea category, just to name two of the key positions he held during his tenure. Mick is currently living with his family in the Netherlands and the UK.
Rozemarijn Landeweerd Rozemarijn Landeweerd
Senior qualitative researcher and JtbD expert within Ipsos. Rozemarijn has a long track record of translating research insights into business opportunities. Jobs to be Done was something she had an immediate passion for as its empathetic way of connecting with people and uncovering their needs for progression is a reason why she became a qualitative researcher.


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