Spotlight * KSA: Views on Wellbeing

Views on mental and physical Wellbeing in Saudi Arabia.

As part of the Spotlight*KSA Series, Views on Wellbeing covers different perceptions and aspects of mental and physical health in Saudi Arabia. 

In the kingdom, 47% very or fairly often think of their mental wellbeing, whereas 59% very or fairly often think of their physical wellbeing, with the majority of the latter group being men. Both results lie under the global averages across 29 countries which were surveyed. 

When it comes to the importance of wellbeing, 6 in 10 in Saudi Arabia believe that both mental and physical health are equally important, while 8 in 10 globally believe the same. However, 27% in the kingdom say that mental health is more important than physical health and only 17% say the opposite. 

On a country level, almost half say that mental and physical health are treated as equally important, while 30% say that physical wellbeing is treated as more important. When asked about the top health concerns in Saudi Arabia, COVID-19 topped the list with 78%, followed by Diabetes (27%) and smoking (23%). Drug abuse came in last with only 2%, compared to 13% globally. 


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