1979 Pre-Election Poll for TV Eye

MORI poll for the programme TV Eye conducted shortly after the Labour government lost a vote of confidence in the House of Commons (and before the date of the resulting general election had been announced)

MORI interviewed a representative interlocking quota sample of 1,075 adults aged 18+. Interviews were conducted face-to-face in 54 constituency sampling points across Great Britain on 29 March 1979.

Q1 Are you satisfied or dissatisfied with the way the government is running the country? Q2 Are you satisfied or dissatisfied with the way Mr Callaghan is doing his job as Prime Minister? Q3 Are you satisfied or dissatisfied with the way Mrs Thatcher is doing her job as Leader of the Opposition?

160 Government Callaghan Thatcher
160 % % %
Satisfied 30 43 44
Dissatisfied 63 51 46
Don't know 7 6 10
Q4 How would you vote if there were a General Election on the 3rd May? (If undecided or refused at Q4) Q5 Which party are you most inclined to support? Base: All expressing a voting intention
160 %
Conservative 51
Labour 42
Liberal 5
Other 2
Q6 The government lost a vote of confidence in the House of Commons last night and are bound to call an election this Spring. On which of these possible dates do you think that the election should be held?
160 %
26th April 29
3rd May 15
10th May 24
17th May 7
24th May 6
31st May 4
7th June 3
14th June 2
Don't know 10

Q7 What do you think are the most important issues facing Britain today?

160 %
Prices/cost of living/inflation 59
Trade unions/strikes 32
Unemployment 28
Taxation 14
Common Market 12
Law and order 10
Housing/rates/rents 7
Pensions 7
Immigration/race relations 5
Schools/education 5
National Health Service 2
Nationalisation 2
Northern Ireland 2
Devolution 1
Rhodesia 0
("Other" and don't know responses not recorded
Q8 If there were a referendum tomorrow on whether Britain should stay in or get out of the Common Market, how would you vote?
160 %
Stay in 32
Get out 60
Don't know 8


Q9 Which party do you think will win the next general election?
160 %
Conservative 65
Labour 24
Liberal 1
Other *
Don't know 10


Q10 Do you think the fact that a Conservative win would mean a women as Prime Minister will help or hinder the Conservatives at the polls?
160 %
Help 25
Hinder 40
Make no difference 29
Don't know 6


Q11 Do you approve or disapprove of the Labour government making concessions to certain minority parties in order to gain their support in the House of Commons?
160 %
Approve 18
Disapprove 71
Don't know 11

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