Attitudes to the European Union, January 1998

Poll for the European Movement

  • 904 interviews with adults aged 18+ in 162 sampling points across Great Britain
  • Fieldwork conducted face-to-face between 23-26 January 1998
  • Based on all unless otherwise stated
  • Data weighted to known population profile
  • An * indicates a finding of less than 0.5%, but greater than zero

Q1 As you may know, the member states of the European Union are making plans for a European single currency to start in 1999. Which of the following best describes your own view of British participation in the single currency?

I strongly support British participation 17%
I am generally in favour of British participation, but could be persuaded against it if I thought it would be bad for the British economy 27%
I am generally opposed to British participation, but could be persuaded in favour of it if I thought it would be good for the British economy 24%
I strongly oppose British participation 23%
Don't know / no opinion 9%

Trends on this question

    Q2 Using this card, could you please tell me whether you agree, or disagree with the following statement: I support closer co-operation between the countries of Europe, with Britain playing a leading role

    Strongly agree 22%
    Agree 48%
    Neither agree nor disagree 15%
    Disagree 7%
    Strongly disagree 4%
    Don't know / no opinion 5%

    Q3 Which of the following statements about British membership of the European single currency most closely represents your view:

    Membership will offer advantages, and Britain should join as soon as possible 14%
    Membership could offer advantages, but Britain should only join when the economic conditions are right 57%
    Britain should rule out the possibility of membership for at least 10 years 20%
    Don't know / no opinion 8%

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