Mo Mowlam And The Royal Family Poll

MORI poll for the Mail on Sunday, June 2000

  • MORI Telephone Surveys interviewed 1,004 British adults aged 18+
  • Interviews were conducted by telephone on 29-30 June 2000
  • Results are based on all respondents unless stated
  • Data are weighted to the known population profile
  • An '*' indicates a finding of less than 0.5%, but greater than zero
  • Poll conducted by MORI on behalf of The Mail on Sunday

Q1 Are you satisfied or dissatisfied with the way Mo Mowlam is doing her job as Minister for the Cabinet Office? Q2 Are you satisfied or dissatisfied with the way Tony Blair is doing his job as Prime Minister? Q3 Are you satisfied or dissatisfied with the way the Queen is doing her job as Monarch?

  Mo Mowlam Tony Blair The Queen
  % % %
Satisfied 49 41 71
Dissatisfied 21 51 17
Don't know 30 8 12

Q4 On balance, do you think Britain would be better off or worse off if the monarchy was abolished or do you think it would make no difference?

Better off 10%
Worse off 50%
Make no difference 37%
Don't know 3%

Q5-7 Looking to the future, do you think Britain will or will not have a monarchy....

  Will Will not Don't know
  % % %
Q5 ... in ten years? 79 14 7
Q6 ... in fifty years? 38 43 19
Q7 ... in one hundred years? 22 53 25

As you may know, Mo Mowlam, has suggested this week that the Royal Family should move out of Buckingham Palace into a more modern home. Do you agree or disagree with the following statements?

Q8 The Royal Family should move out of Buckingham Palace Q9 The Royal Family are out of touch with life in Britain today Q10 The Royal Family is an expensive luxury the country cannot afford Q11 The Royal Family should not receive as much money as it does

  Q8 Q9 Q10 Q11
  % % % %
Agree 20 55 40 64
Disagree 75 41 55 29
Don't know 5 4 5 7

Q12 Mo Mowlam has said that her comments about the Royal Family were her personal opinion, and do not reflect the views of the government. Do you think Mo Mowlam was right, or wrong, to speak out on this issue?

Was right 63%
Was wrong 32%
Don't know 5%

Q13 Which one of the following statements comes closest to your own view about what should happen to the role of the monarchy?

The monarchy's role should remain broadly unchanged 23%
The monarchy should be modernised to reflect changes in British life 65%
The monarchy should be abolished and Britain should become a republic 11%
None of these *%
Other *%
Don't know 1%

Q14 Do you think that the Queen should abdicate at some stage, or should she remain Queen as long as possible?

Abdicate 31%
Remain Queen 62%
Don't know 7%

Q15 If Britain became a republic, it would have an elected president rather than a king or queen. I am going to read out the names of some public figures. Please tell me which one, if any, would be your preferred choice of elected president.

Richard Branson 17%
Princess Anne 12%
Tony Blair 11%
Betty Boothroyd (Speaker of the House of Commons) 6%
Mo Mowlam 5%
Ken Livingstone 4%
William Hague 3%
Charles Kennedy 2%
Lord Irvine (Lord Chancellor) 1%
Other 2%
Nobody/None of these 27%
Don't know 10%

Q16 What one other person do you think would make a good elected president?

Richard Branson  5%
Tony Blair  3%
Princess Anne  2%
Ken Livingstone  2%
Charles Kennedy  2%
Myself  2%
Betty Boothroyd  1%
Mo Mowlam  1%
William Hague  1%
Prince Charles  1%
Prince William  1%
Chris Patten  1%
Michael Heseltine  1%
Margaret Thatcher  1%
Alex Ferguson  *%
Tony Benn  *%
Lord Irvine  *%
Dennis Skinner  *%
Paddy Ashdown  *%
David Steel  *%
Enoch Powell  *%
Kevin Keegan  *%
Helena Kennedy  *%
John Major  *%
The Queen  *%
Ann Widdecombe  *%
Edward Heath  *%
David Owen  *%
Sean Connery  *%
Other  6%
Nobody/None of these  29%
Don't know  39%

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