Party Support At The General Election

Q1 How would you vote if there were a General Election tomorrow? [If undecided or refused at Q1] Q2 Which party are you most inclined to support? Base: 1,900

  • MORI interviewed a representative quota sample of 1,900 adults aged 18+ at 189 sample points across Great Britain.
  • Fieldwork was conducted face-to-face, in home, between 15-20 February 2001.
  • Data were weighted to match the profile of the population.
  • Where results do not sum to 100, this is may be due to computer rounding, multiple answers or the exclusion of don't knows.
  • An asterisk (*) represents a value of less than one half of one percent, but not zero.
  • The voting intention figures exclude those who say they would not vote, are undecided, or refuse to name a party.

Q1 How would you vote if there were a General Election tomorrow?[If undecided or refused at Q1]Q2 Which party are you most inclined to support?Base: 1,900

Conservative 30%
Labour 50%
Liberal Democrats 14%
Scottish/Welsh Nationalist 3%
Green Party 1%
Democratic/UKIP/Referendum Party 1%
Other 1%

Would not vote 14%
Undecided 10%
Refused 1%

Q2 At the next General Election, if one political party adopted a policy of keeping the pound permanently and Britain leaving the European Union would you be more likely to support it, less likely to support it, or would it make no difference?

  (Euro elections)May 1999 (General Election)February 2001
  % %
More likely 37 39
Less likely 22 19
No difference 31 34
Depends 5 4
Don't know 5 4

Q3a At the next General Election, the UK Independence Party will be campaigning nation wide for Britain to retain the pound permanently and to leave the European Union. Assuming the UK Independence Party is the only party campaigning for these policies, how would you vote in the General Election?[If undecided or refused at Q3a]Q3b Which party are you most inclined to support?

  (Euro elections)May 1999 (General Election)February 2001
  % %
Conservative 17 23
Labour 40 43
Liberal Democrats (Lib Dem) 12 12
Scottish National Party (SNP) 2 1
Plaid Cymru 1 1
Green Party 1 1
UK Independence Party 25 19
Other 1 1
Will not/do not intend to vote 10 10
Undecided 9 7
Refused 2 1

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